Our infrared sauna is similar to a traditional sauna, except it uses infrared light to heat you directly instead of heating the air around you. This results in a much more relaxing and comfortable sauna experience. Saunas, in general, mimic the effects of moderate exercise. Our infrared sauna is able to replicate these results at a lower temperature (around 135-140 degrees Fahrenheit) which makes it accessible to people who can't tolerate the heat of a regular sauna (temperatures are around 200-230 degrees Fahrenheit). Saunas work to help rid the body of toxins while cleansing the skin with excess sweating. Saunas also increase circulation to facilitate better recovery, heat stress causes your body to release heat shock proteins to promote muscle growth, and using a sauna can increase your body's time to fatigue, meaning you'll develop more endurance. Additionally, heat stress causes your body to release the same chemical that causes 'the runner's high'. Infrared saunas are an easy way to boost performance while relaxing.

Our Sauna comes equipped with a medical grade chromotherapy light. Chromotherapy is used in hospitals to help manage depression stemming from seasonal affective disorder, but our light also cycles through different colors to produce different effects.

What is the difference between an infrared sauna compared to traditional saunas?

Traditional saunas raise the temperature of the air within the chamber to a very high level to warm the body and the skin's surface. This can make it very difficult for some to breathe and makes it very uncomfortable for people to stay inside a traditional sauna for longer periods of time.

The infrared heaters warm the body in the same sense as natural sunlight (without the harmful UV rays), which heats the body naturally through visible and non-visible wavelengths. Infrared sauna sessions are typically 25-30 (can go as long as 60 minutes) minutes where they heat up the body directly which allows for deeper tissue penetration and detoxification without breathing in the harmful and extremely hot air of a traditional sauna. Our infrared sauna sessions will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated.