●$1,500-$6,000 depending on body part.

Customer experience
●Customers report it can be painful or just unpleasant depending on pain tolerance. A doctor or nurse practitioner applies the clamps and leaves the room for about an hour. Many customers are scared or not sure if what they are feeling is to be expected.
●Estheticians can perform treatment not just doctors/nurses

●Results can take up to 1-3 months.
●Customers are left with a frozen "butter stick" that can take months to dissipate.
●22% fat reduction in treated areas.
●6-12 weeks depending on body type.
●Frozen butter stick is massaged out post treatment.

Treatment areas
●Bulges only as there must be enough fat to suction and clamp

Side Effects
●Numbness or sensitivity.
●Can cause displacement which requires plastic surgery to remove the butter like shelf. May also cause redness and sensitivity. Numbness can last weeks.
●Numbness for 2 weeks, up to 4 weeks, depending on applicator size
●need to eliminate ---no plastic surgery to remove "butter stick"


●$350 a session or $1500 for 5 pack.

Customer experience
●Most customers describe it as a cold massage.
●An esthetician uses a wand with warming and cooling temperatures to sculpt and contour the body.
●There is constant feedback from customer and esthetician.
●Esthetician has 100% control while sculpting targeted treatment areas and therefore produces more effective results.
●No post numbness or sensitivity for extended periods of time.
●Zero downtime
●No frozen butterstick

●Results can typically be seen after the first treatment, with no down time.
●18.96% subcutaneous fat loss in treated areas
●44% less visible fat
●87.5% improvement in body shape 100% enhancement

Treatment areas
●You can sculpt the body you want. Treats bulges and circumference fat so can be used on any area of the body that has pinchable fat -
●e.g. Stomach, back, love handles, inner/upper/outer thighs, above the knees, arms, chin

Side Effects
●Some redness for a few hours after

CoolSculpting will cost a minimum of 3,000 to treat a full abdomen on a small framed person using 4 small applicators. Typically, your first treatment will be your best, but you may need retreat to obtain optimal results.

CryoSculpting costs $350 for a full abdomen. We do recommend a series of 5 sessions (for small abdomen) which costs $1500. Half the cost and better results with zero pain and zero downtime.