We at Adara want each and everyone of our clients to have the best results possible!!

The Cryo T Shock will help destroy fat cells and slim your body but it will be a team effort.

Here are some of the things we need you to do that will help accelerate the process and achieve the best results:

We recommend 30 minutes of light to moderate exercise or 10 minutes on our vibration plate to help with Lymphatic drainage and accelerate removal of destroyed fat cells after your treatment.

HYDRATION!! We recommend hydration to help flush out the destroyed fat cells. Increased hydration should occur for at least 4 weeks past last Cryo Slimming Treatment.
64oz of water minimum daily.

Nutrition. We recommend limiting refined carbohydrates and sugar 6-8 hours prior to treatment and 6-8 hours post treatment to help achieve and maintain your body slimming results.

Consistency is key. It is extremely important to adhere to your specific treatment protocol for best results. Not staying on your designated treatment plan and session schedule provided by your aesthetician will hinder results.

We hope that this investment in your body and health will last a lifetime. The fat that is destroyed in those areas treated will not return but if you do not continue to follow the recommended guidelines of a modified lifestyle changes, fat may accumulate in other areas.

Cry T Shock has had amazing results for our clients but it is not a miracle treatment. We want our clients to have realistic goals. When we work as a team and you follow the recommended guidelines, you will get optimal results. As with any treatment results vary person to person.